My kinda’ girl

She’s not your average girl    ̶ I guess this is an understatement when it comes to Tank Girl. She’s basically a girl with a tricked out tank fighting against all the ‘baddies’ controlling the worlds water supply…doesn’t seem to farfetched with what the worlds facing at the moment does it?

Originally a comic created by Jamie Hewlett and Alan Martin her character was later thrust onto the big screen in a bone crunching, ripped stocking, post apocalyptic masterpiece. Let’s just say Tank Girl kicks ass in style!

I met a girl once while I was at university who had shaved her hair exactly like Tank Girl did in the original comic; it looked amazing and inspired me to do the same…something I’m hoping to leave behind as a youthful mistake.

But if you’re bored grab a comic or get the movie, it’s really over the top and fantastic…and maybe not everyone’s cup of tea

Thigh highs and the end of the world


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