Driving in Johannesburg

Much to my dismay I have accepted that for at least the time being I will be doing the daily commute every morning; until of course I win the lottery and spend my days on a tropical island sipping cocktails and checking out the pool boy.

The time spent in my car on the way to work however is my favourite part of any day; unless of course there is yet another accident on the M1 leaving me stuck on the highway for five hours with a full bladder, and delirious due to starvation leading me to fight the driver in front of me for the brittle orange peel on the side of the road…those that have been stuck on the highway before can relate I’m sure.

It’s the twilight zone between waking up and getting to work, it gives you those precious minutes to make sure you are really awake, with the added bonus of some animated hawkers or men selling the early edition of the Star to push you over the precipice into the waking hours of the day.

I can wail along to the new Bombay Bicycle Club album without having to worry about who hears me, and use words that will never be found in the Oxford Dictionary and would even cause the members of Die Antwoord to cringe a little.

Living in Johannesburg we are all forced to spend a fair amount of time in our cars, let’s not waste it.


3 comments on “Driving in Johannesburg

  1. Andrew says:

    I never waste time while driving in my car. I often write emails, send smses, respond to blogs, play sudoku and on occasion sleep. It’s way harder to do the above in stop/start traffic. When you’re cruising at 120km/h, it’s way easier.

  2. Ah, good old Joburg traffic. Remember we were rated up there with Mexico City and Tokyo for the world’s worst traffic? It wasn’t for the volumes, we can’t beat them on that, it was for the way it pumps our stress levels up and turns us all into homicidal maniacs. At least I’m against traffic these days, so I can laugh at the homicidal maniacs while a whoosh past!

    I love your blog! Add an e-mail subscription button, asseblief.

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