Today I am Dennis from Jurassic Park

I remember when  Jurassic Park came out it was THE biggest movie ever, romance, dinosaurs and guns; Spielberg you really know how to make a winning formula.

I remember Jurassic Park for two reasons.

  1. My mom took me to watch it at the cinema, something that was a big deal back in the day when it was affordable and the popcorn didn’t cost more than the movie ticket…Nu Metroand Sterkinekor I’m talking to you. I of course ordered a giant box of Astros and a huge blue cup of Slush Puppie. What flavour it was I cannot recall as for the life of me I cannot think of a fruit that is blue, even blueberries are purple.  The flavour however is not important in this case, what is important is the vivid blue colour.

After drinking the entire Slush and eating the entire box of Astros I began to feel a bit queezy. Pulling on my mom’s hand I told her I was feeling a bit sick but was rebuffed as my mom headed to Pick ‘n Pay to pick up something for dinner.

“Mom, I swear I’m not making it up I really feel sick” I said feebly and then proceeded to projectile throw up the bright blue contents of my stomach, speckled with pieces of Astros,  onto a flabbergasted shop assistant.

I was conveniently forgotten behind on all shopping excursions for about 6 months afterwards.

2. My dad bought the tape…yes kids a tape for me and my siblings and we proceeded to watch it just about every afternoon for a year. I can still quote just about every line in the movie.

Now for those of you who remember the movie there was a character named Dennis. He was the asshole that started all the trouble in the first place and made that annoying program that repeatedly said: “Ah ah ah you didn’t say the magic word”, he also had numerous coke cans and empty wrappers and packets on his desk, needless to say I wasn’t particularly sad when his character was killed off by the awful mother-in-lawesque creature.

Having slept for a grand total of three hours last night my desk is littered with Redbull cans and empty wrappers, sadly today I am Dennis the asshole, and I’m left feeling slightly disgusted with myself. I remember how Dennis sat hunched over at his desk buttons straining on his too tight shirt, sweat building up on his brow as he poured sugar into his body and worked on his computer.

I spend most of my day at my desk researching and looking for story ideas and following up on news, which opens me up to becoming Dennis and to finding some weird and some impressive things on the internet…and sometimes some weirdly impressive things.

Today while ‘Dennising’ it up I came across the best non porn website I’ve found in a very very long time. Guaranteed to provide days of fun, not giving you a second to even consider deactivating the electric fences keeping all the dinosaurs in their cages.

Check the website out here: Seaquence

The Seaquence website is an experiment in musical composition. I adopts a biological metaphor, allowing you to create and combine musical lifeforms resulting in an organic, dynamic composition…the only thing cooler than this right now is a newly opened can of Redbull .

Being Dennis has its perks.


One comment on “Today I am Dennis from Jurassic Park

  1. Lewis Meese says:

    I like this web site very much so much wonderful info.

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