What Blue Bulls supporters and babies have in common …not much

Drive anywhere nowadays and you are bound to see some stupid bumper sticker saying something ‘unwitty’ like : “Don’t talk to me talk to my lawyer” or some tacky Blue Bulls sticker…or even worse a set of actual blue bulls’ balls hanging off of the tow hook of an over the top ‘man-size’  Isuzu bakkie that contributes  more to global warming than a jumbo jet.

Let me just point out you have a plastic mould of an animals genitals on your car. How is that okay or cool ever? I mean come on people.

Amongst all the plastic genitals and “I’m pumped for summer” stickers, one can easily find a few baby signs.

These signs range from “Baby on board” to “Future bad boy on board” – which may be worse than the animal genitals people decorate their cars with if I think about it. Regardless, why do parents need to put warning signs on their cars when they have babies driving in them?

If you have a sign saying “Little Mikey on board” does that mean people are less likely to kill you by accident while driving? Or let you skip the line because you have a baby with a nappy full of shit in the back seat?

So because people have a sign in their car that says they have a baby with them we should drive more carefully around them? How on earth did we get to the point that we need a sign telling those around us to try not kill us by driving like idiots? Here is a thought why not drive carefully all the time…that’s if those stupid signs even make a difference to the way people drive.

Note to self: get Baby on Board sign.


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