Jozi you’re alright

So as you all know I love my larger than life city Johannesburg, found this awesome film made by a group of visiting filmmakers. If you didn’t already love Johannesburg already I suggest you start! Heres another recent post on Joburg you may be interested in reading What Burger King and the Internet a have in common

Check the video out:


2 comments on “Jozi you’re alright

  1. Reblogged this on Martina in Jozi and commented:
    This is the Jozi that I know and love, and live every day. PLEASE click through and watch this short video. It’s amazing

  2. Hey, Thank you for sharing this. I’ve reblogged on my site – I love this city, and love that other outsiders are starting to see the sides of it that I see and love. This video is awesome!

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