Sad truth about SA. Will miss your posts!

Martina in Jozi

Following on from my previous post, I thought I had better let you know…Martina in Jozi will be no more for a while.  I’m sadly packing my bags and heading back to London for a while to go earn some cash temping.  I just can’t find well paid work here in Jozi

I had known about the Black Economic Empowerment Policy before I moved here.  I had assumed I would find it nearly impossible to find employment because of this.  Rob was going to turn the offer down because of it, but Rob’s company assured us that they have partners of secondee’s coming over all the time and can help me find something.  As I also used to work for that company (yes, we had a slutty office romance) and was PA to someone senior there I assumed they really would help.  Turns out they haven’t

What this means though is that Rob…

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