The Daily Fun

Being constantly bombarded with news…seeing as it’s my job to know what’s going on in the world around be can get a little overwhelming and sad sometimes. Everyday it’s more death more strikes and more hurt, so I have found a little journalistic outlet. Enter the Daily Sun.
Now I’ve had a rant about the Daily Sun Before you can read it here:. So sure I was somewhat annoyed with the rubbish that was being produced until I realised just how hilarious it is. Not to discount other people’s cultures or beliefs of course but dang it makes me smile…a lot.

Why wouldn’t I want to read about how a “Fake Zombie Stole My Songs”? Besides the obvious question: What is a fake zombie? (I’m imagining Shaun of The Dead), it really is just hilarious. On that note I have decided to start a running feature of sorts. Maybe it will help make your day a little brighter knowing that you are not being stalked by a fake zombie!

First instalment to follow soon.


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