28 things he knew at 28

Here is another list from an old friend of mine…I guess he may be a lawyer.

Thanks for the response to these lists its been inspiring. It really is a great feeling to not only have people read these posts but when these posts actually touch people that’s when I get a little smile that no one can wipe off my face. Keep sending them through!


1. I always put my family and friends first. They will always be the first to put their hands up to help in times of trouble;
2. Metro will always get nervous when I slip into the conversation that I am an Attorney;
3. I can never make everyone happy but what counts is that I make those who are dear to me happy;
4. I won’t be held accountable for you inability to control your emotions;
5. Buying houses is far more beneficial than buying cars;
6. If I could I would never have walked down that alley;
7. 5fm has lost the plot;
8. Being a lawyer simply means you become great at dictating your work to others;
9. Acknowledge that you feel heartbroken rather than drown yourself in it;
10. Laugh at embarrassing mistakes;
11. Always try new things (within reason);
12. Know how to keep a secret;
13. Its only a stupid question if I know the answer;
14. Its okay to have a good cry after a pet dies;
15. Don’t be scared to take a chance – you will be surprised what comes out of it;
16. I work in a profession where I do bad things to good people;
17. I will never stop missing those who have passed away;
18. I can talk my way out of many situations;
19. My brother and sister are very protective over me;
20. SARS can be wrong;
21. I do not know the meaning of traffic
22. Im glad I am not older than 22 because this list is difficu…..wait a few more to go;
23. There is no such thing as a plutonic relationship;
24. Never play the Big Lebosky drinking game;
25. Throw caution to the wind;
26. I have the best cell phone number in the world – I really do;
27. Never take work home;
28. If you look for it, you wont find it. It will find you when you least expect it.


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