Hello new home!

Last week I moved into the most amazing building …which would account for the lack of posts! One day I will get this right.

Anyway, the building is in the beautiful suburb of Killarney and has pretty much the best view ever. Randlords aint got nothing on me. We are still in the process of getting furniture and unpacking but I thought I would share a few pictures of what it’s looking like so far.

Welcome to Interlaken:

Claudi aka German and Kate my flatmates.

Claudi aka German and Kate my flatmates.

Love Jozi key rack...to go with the view

Love Jozi key rack…to go with the view.

The view...a little hard to see but you get the picture

The view…a little hard to see but you get the picture.

Bookcase  filled with various odds and ends from our travels

Bookcase filled with various odds and ends from our travels.

Honer from Germany, camera from Russia and the head was a houswarming gift from my Mom!

Honer from Germany, camera from Russia and the head was a housewarming gift from my Mom!



Pretty little things for a pretty little kitchen

Pretty little things for a pretty little kitchen.

Cant wait to cook up a storm in here

Cant wait to cook up a storm in here

Soon we will fill you!

Soon we will fill you!










enmasse..touch my body!

When you touch a body, you touch the whole person, the intellect, the spirit, and the emotions and damn enmasse have got this down.

Last week I was given a massage voucher for my birthday, because apparently I’m always complaining about my neck pain caused by long hours spent staring at my computer screen slaving away…and writing fantastic articles for you of course.

The voucher was for an hour’s Thai massage at enmasse, my new favourite place…Topshop move over!

Having been to Thailand numerous times and had my fair share of massages not just in S.E. Asia but South Africa, ladies and gentlemen I have found a winner.

Not only is the décor simple and chic but the massage was truly the best one I have ever had. My favourite part of the whole experience (after the massage of course) was that once you have had your treatment there is no one rushing you out of the door, clients are in fact encouraged to hang around and enjoy an amazing selection of teas.

They are open till 10pm also so its great for losers like myself who work all the time, the concept is a kind of walk in change your life, stay for as long as you want, we work around your lifestyle vibe.

So if you are wandering what to get that special person, or actually anyone, for Christmas, get them an enmasse experience…NOW!

Watch their video to get a better idea of enmasse: 


Contact details:

Phone: 011 880 3020 (after hours 082 907 6267)
Email: Illovo@enmasse.co.za

Entrance & private parking in courtyard behind building off Corlett Drive, Unit 14, Illovo Junction, 1 Corlett Drive (corner with Oxford), Illovo, 2196

Attention Vaalies ‘The Beach’ has arrived in Jozi


Play Braamfontein has brought the beach to Jozi! Situated across from the Neighbourgoods market The Beach is open from 11am to 4pm and has a cover charge of R150…cheaper than a flight to Cape Town…it also gets you a bunch of beer sponsored by those guys who make the salad dressing dispensers Grolsch.  I’m going tomorrow and I cant wait!

Check out their Facebook page: The Beach

Heather…marry me?

A good family friend of mine is the most amazing photographer…sadly she is based in New Zealand but I have promised myself that I have to have her at my wedding! Check out these amazing pictures on Facebook and if you happen to be based in the land of sheep track her down and prepare to be astounded! You can also read her blog here.


This is my all time favorite picture:


A house can’t be a home without the perfect bedroom.

“I’m recording our history now on the bedroom wall, and when we leave the landlord will come and paint over it all.”    ̶  Ani Difranco

Beatles and boxes

It where you spend your most peaceful hours, where you dance in your underwear in front of the mirror and where you curl up when you are sad. It’s where you take time for yourself or time to be with someone else. It’s where you plan new memories and revisit old ones.

A bedroom is that little piece of heaven that no one can take away from you; a bedroom is that feeling of relief as you sink into your bed after a long day, it’s the place where the world melts away and you get to be you.

It has taken me about three years and numerous holidays to find all the small pieces to the puzzle that is my bedroom, and I think…minus a few empty picture frames it may just be complete.  That is of course until I find the next painting I just have to have or the next vase that would look great on my bedside table.

So my basic idea was to fill my one wall with little artworks or memories I’ve picked up on my travels, or that friends and family have given to me, it’s a map of my life…and I am eventually going to have to get a way bigger wall. The walls are two-tone with a darker green on the bottom and a lighter green on the top (no guessing what my favorite colour is) and all the finishes are mahogany.

Here are a few photos of the (somewhat) finished product.

Money box from India and coasters from China

Pearls in this pretty antique dish my mom gave me

Mask from Indonesia, painting from Vietnam and block mount from Thailand

Desk, complete with VW Beetle collection.