Was Apartheid really that bad…uh are you serious?

On occasion I have had the privilege of receiving some rather obtuse emails from a man I imagine to be the reincarnation of Eugene Terre ‘Blanche.

The last email I received had the subject: “Was Apartheid really that bad?” Ummm are you really that dense you impertinent asshole?

This email was in response to my post on Bantu Education and the Daily Sun, which anyone with half a brain cell has nothing to do with race and is rather humorous if I do say so myself. And you know what I do say so! It’s funny and the other 750 odd people who read it also say so.

The email argued how education under the Apartheid government was way better than it is now, and sure I can see that in some aspects I will give you that much ‘Eugene’ , but and this is a big but (much like the butt of the high horse you are about to fall off) it was under APARTHEID. Children were being taught to read and write sure, but it was under APARTHEID.

I’m not going to sit and argue each little meaningless point you made because quite frankly in this story you get murdered by your farm workers…a little harsh perhaps well so was Apartheid, but that wasn’t that bad right so I’m sure you can deal.

You my friend are an embarrassment to the human race, if you don’t agree with what I write don’t read it, look at that that freedom of speech and the freedom to choose, two fun little things that you couldn’t have enjoyed under your beloved Apartheid.


What Bantu Education and the Daily Sun have in common

On a daily basis I am lambasted with the dim-witted bright red headlines of South Africa’s leading Newspaper: The Daily Sun.

Headlines have included the likes of: ‘Gogo dies after Zombie sex!’, ‘SMS from the Devil!!’ and ‘Brandy for his burning bum!’ the ridiculousness off the story usually gauged by the amount of exclamation marks behind it.

!- Yoh

!!- Yoh yoh

!!!- Yoh yoh yoh, I can’t believe!!!!

These outlandish headlines accompanied with their even more nonsensical articles are the most read pieces of literature in South Africa. The Daily Sun sells over 500 000 copies a day in Gauteng, Limpopo Province, Mpumalanga and Northwest Province, and targets working class citizens, who as far as I’m aware are the economic core of South Africa.

Forgive me for being a bit nostalgic but hasn’t this been done before? Let me take you back a few years to 1953…a little thing called the Bantu Education Act was passed. Bantu Education did not however involve very much education and was geared at controlling the masses. An uneducated majority was one the Apartheid government could control…something that was proven wrong as we all know.

So the Daily Sun the country’s most read ‘news’paper does not inform the masses but rather directs their attention to fairytales. A country must be easier to run when its people are more concerned about Zombies rising from the dead than the corrupt officials that are laughing all the way to the bank…or to the MacDonald’s drive through in your Maserati if you are Khulubuse Zuma.

The Daily Sun isn’t the only culprit of creating a nation of zombies (now THAT would be a headline!!!). The SABC makes a Great White near Clifton beach look like Flipper the friendly dolphin. With a continuous streaming of 7de Laan, Generations and Isidingo who has time to think about the actual problems facing South Africa.

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