Was Apartheid really that bad…uh are you serious?

On occasion I have had the privilege of receiving some rather obtuse emails from a man I imagine to be the reincarnation of Eugene Terre ‘Blanche.

The last email I received had the subject: “Was Apartheid really that bad?” Ummm are you really that dense you impertinent asshole?

This email was in response to my post on Bantu Education and the Daily Sun, which anyone with half a brain cell has nothing to do with race and is rather humorous if I do say so myself. And you know what I do say so! It’s funny and the other 750 odd people who read it also say so.

The email argued how education under the Apartheid government was way better than it is now, and sure I can see that in some aspects I will give you that much ‘Eugene’ , but and this is a big but (much like the butt of the high horse you are about to fall off) it was under APARTHEID. Children were being taught to read and write sure, but it was under APARTHEID.

I’m not going to sit and argue each little meaningless point you made because quite frankly in this story you get murdered by your farm workers…a little harsh perhaps well so was Apartheid, but that wasn’t that bad right so I’m sure you can deal.

You my friend are an embarrassment to the human race, if you don’t agree with what I write don’t read it, look at that that freedom of speech and the freedom to choose, two fun little things that you couldn’t have enjoyed under your beloved Apartheid.