Bullying, a way of life?


Have you heard? Bullying is a major problem.


Recently the spotlight has once again been turned towards the issue of bullying in schools following the tragic death of Amanda Todd.


In what seems like a never ending cycle news reports and social media platforms have been filled with debates and stories surrounding bullying and what children have to endure while at school.


Why now? Why now do we remind ourselves of the major problems adolescents face and endure at least until Britney Spears shaves her head again or the next minister’s wife is found to be the leader of an international drug cartel.


To me it really seems that there is a bigger problem, and the problem is a lot bigger than bullying in school.


Bullying has become a global norm, the way to go about getting what you want.


How do we expect the youth to stop bullying when we teach them that that is the way to get things done…to get ahead in life?


It seems we haven’t realised that in some way we have all become the big bullies in the playground.


It’s in the way we drive, someone cuts you off…hoot, swerve and intimidate the other car to ‘get them back’.


It’s in the way we protest, not giving us what we want…hack, charge, maim until you get what you want.


It’s in the way we react to protesters; listen or we shoot to kill.


It’s in the way we deal with politics, we don’t like what you are saying or doing…watch out we will have you killed, regardless if it is on live television or not.


We have taught the youth that bullying is okay…even if we didn’t mean to.


So how do we break the cycle? If you don’t stop bulling we shoot to kill…