Everyone’s doing it!

I was sitting having a drink with my oldest friend laughing about the first time we got drunk …while you were getting married.

You were in the same grade us yet you were getting your hair curled into one of those awful wedding hairdos while we were watching the sunset over the JHB skyline.

You were saying ‘I do’ while we were laughing at the girl screaming for help because she got locked in the bathroom.

Fast forward two weeks and my Facebook page has been flooded with engagement rings, wedding pictures, pregnant bellies and babies still covered in afterbirth (yeah that one really happened). Is everyone having kids, settling down and doing grownup things?

I don’t have anything against any of this really I just don’t understand how people I grew up with are …you know… ‘doing it’. How did the girl who used to pride herself on having the loudest burps in my class get married…how did the guy who refused to call women anything except ‘bitches’ have a baby girl.

Holy responsibility! Does this mean we are adults now? Just the other day I was racing home to watch Pete and Pete followed by a Lizzie McGuire omnibus wishing I could get my hair just like hers. Suddenly I seem like the odd one out for having zero interest in squeezing out a child or planning a perfectly tacky wedding, chicken dance and all…although that is quite fun to do. I’m not even phased anymore when I log into Facebook and there is the guy who used to be able to take shots of whiskey through his eye holding his new-born’s umbilical cord between his teeth. In fact if I don’t get my daily dose of baby updates from people that I never actually speak to, I start getting broody.

Did I miss the ‘everyone’s doing it’ convention while I was dancing to Blink ‘What’s My Age Again’ thinking that this actually relates to me now because I am 23.

And that’s about the time that bitch hung up on me
Nobody likes you when your 23
And are still more amused by prank phone calls
What the hell is caller ID?
My friends say I should act my age
What’s my age again?
What’s my age again?

Heather…marry me?

A good family friend of mine is the most amazing photographer…sadly she is based in New Zealand but I have promised myself that I have to have her at my wedding! Check out these amazing pictures on Facebook and if you happen to be based in the land of sheep track her down and prepare to be astounded! You can also read her blog here.


This is my all time favorite picture:


22 things I know at 22

I think the main think I have learnt in life is to learn. Every day we all learn and to stop learning would mean I…you…have stopped living. Every day is a learning curve, even in the little things. Just last night I learnt not to ever eat miniature hot dogs at a cocktail function.

Here is a list of 22 things I know at 22, I plan to do it every year to see just how much I’ve learnt.

  1. Although it feels like it will heartbreak won’t kill you
  2. It is not the situation you are in that shows what type of person you are, rather how you handle the situation
  3. Anger is a useless emotion
  4. Whose Line is it Anyway never gets old
  5. Caring about others more than yourself will get you nowhere
  6. As a teenager parents know nothing but as you grow older you learn to relate, I think my mom should write a list like this
  7. More than anything I would love to be a mother…someday NOT now, a few years ago you wouldn’t have caught me saying that
  8. People get married for the wrong reasons
  9. Sometimes a lie protects, sometimes it destroys
  10. By 22 you know the friends who will always be there
  11. There is no such thing as objective
  12. I still enjoy romantic teen comedies and I’m not sure it will ever change
  13. No matter what my dad will always protect me
  14. Never betray a friend for a man, friends are forever men are passing whims
  15. Travelling alone is the best way to travel
  16. Asia is my true home
  17. Kindness is the greatest gift you can give someone
  18. God exists, even if it’s just in my heart
  19. No one has room to judge anyone else
  20. The world will get itself together
  21. Routine is king

And finally

22.I am 22, my whole life is ahead of me, and it will all be alright