12 things I learnt in 2012

  1. Love isn’t meant to hurt…if it does you are doing it wrong
  2. Gossip girl should have been cancelled two seasons ago
  3. Friends will always be there even when you don’t want them to be…that’s what friends are for
  4. You can’t fix someone else, you have to let them fix themselves
  5. The opposite of love is indifference
  6. Sometimes all you need is a stranger to talk to
  7. …and sometimes those strangers can become the greatest of friends
  8. Sometimes dancing like no one is watching is not the best thing
  9. Experiences really do shape who we are and not always in the best ways
  10. A mother and a fathers love is blind…and this is not always the best thing
  11. No one likes a drunk
  12. Sometimes some fried chicken is all you need to put a smile on your face



23 things a star knew at 23

Another list from a good friend.

Catch a falling star and put it in your pocket never let it fade away! I really enjoyed number 12. Its so true, so many people. I know that were ‘all that’ in high school are either coke heads or decidedly average, while the girls who were ‘weird’ and ‘uncool’ are all successful young women. Take that popularity!


  1. I LOVE with all my heart, and hurt with all my heart.
  2. Crying is inevitable for me. Tears never run out of stock, I’ve tried.
  3. Girls don’t like me, and I don’t care.
  4. Clever humour always trumps wash board abs.
  5. Wash Board Abs  don’t ever hurt though.
  6. Pets bring a kind of love into a home that no one else can ever replace.
  7. No  matter how many times I’ve been hurt, or lied to or betrayed, I never lose my faith in people. Naive? Maybe.
  8. I am naive, clumsy and somewhat dorky. But I choose to believe its charming.
  9. Nothing about my body is symmetrical. But symmetry is boring.
  10. Intelligence is extremely subjective.
  11. I will never be the most interesting person in the room but I wont be forgotten easily either.
  12. High School was pretty much redundant. Your life and worth only really begins when you realise being a prefect and having pretty colours on your blazer means nothing in the real world.
  13. Grief never really goes away, but it does get easier to deal with.
  14. No girl will ever be completely happy with her body, but remembering the good things is important. I have great boobs, I own them, they’re mine.
  15. Whether I like it or not, I want my parents’ life one day. I want a husband like my dad and I want o be a wife like my mom is.
  16. My brother will always be my friend.
  17. I love corny. I will sing along to lame music.
  18. There is such a thing as someone true love, someone will love me for me. All of me. One day.
  19. My Grandmother understood me like no one else can, or probably ever will.
  20. The sea side is where I’m meant to be. And will definitely end up.
  21. The value friends add to my life ALWAYS pleasantly surprises me.
  22. That I will probably never be OK with making mistakes, but will make them anyway.
  23. Number 23 is last because it took my this long to find out that I have a lot to offer the world and the people that choose to share life with me.


27 things she knew at 27

Here is another one of my favourite lists, my ‘German’ friend wrote it.

15. is my favourite:  Youth. You are never too old to do anything. Live life – have fun!

1. Age. It’s just a number.
2. Fear. Life it too short – be bold and be brave!
3. Time. The most precious thing you are given. Be wise as to how you spend it.
4. Money. It really makes the world go round but it shouldn’t be the end of your rainbow.
5. Music. One of the most powerful things we have.
6. People. Too many people limit themselves and define themselves by what they are instead of what they can be.
7. Choice. There is always an alternative.
8. Parents. Appreciate every day you have with them.
9. Death. It is not final.
10. Gratitude. Be grateful for the smaller things you have in life.
11. Self. To thy own self ALWAYS be true! Never compromise on who you are.
12. Silence. You find yourself in your silence.
13. Friends. A true friendship is priceless.
14. Honesty. The truth always comes out.
15. Youth. You are never too old to do anything. Live life – have fun!
16. TV. Overrated.
17. Numbers. There is power in numbers.
18. Travel. There is no such thing as a lonesome solo traveller.
19. Boundaries. They are there to be challenged.
20. Respect. A little respect goes a long way. We are equals.
21. Responsible. You are accountable for your actions.
22. Love. The most painful and most beautiful thing on earth.
23. Sharing. Some things in life are better shared.
24. Mind. The power of the mind is greater than you believe.
25. Chance. Everybody deserves a second chance. To err is human.
26. Regret. Life is too short to regret. Learn and move on.
27. Knowledge. Never stop learning.

22 things I know at 22

I think the main think I have learnt in life is to learn. Every day we all learn and to stop learning would mean I…you…have stopped living. Every day is a learning curve, even in the little things. Just last night I learnt not to ever eat miniature hot dogs at a cocktail function.

Here is a list of 22 things I know at 22, I plan to do it every year to see just how much I’ve learnt.

  1. Although it feels like it will heartbreak won’t kill you
  2. It is not the situation you are in that shows what type of person you are, rather how you handle the situation
  3. Anger is a useless emotion
  4. Whose Line is it Anyway never gets old
  5. Caring about others more than yourself will get you nowhere
  6. As a teenager parents know nothing but as you grow older you learn to relate, I think my mom should write a list like this
  7. More than anything I would love to be a mother…someday NOT now, a few years ago you wouldn’t have caught me saying that
  8. People get married for the wrong reasons
  9. Sometimes a lie protects, sometimes it destroys
  10. By 22 you know the friends who will always be there
  11. There is no such thing as objective
  12. I still enjoy romantic teen comedies and I’m not sure it will ever change
  13. No matter what my dad will always protect me
  14. Never betray a friend for a man, friends are forever men are passing whims
  15. Travelling alone is the best way to travel
  16. Asia is my true home
  17. Kindness is the greatest gift you can give someone
  18. God exists, even if it’s just in my heart
  19. No one has room to judge anyone else
  20. The world will get itself together
  21. Routine is king

And finally

22.I am 22, my whole life is ahead of me, and it will all be alright