Love is…

I do it for my health
Nobody feels me quite as much as I feel myself
Max Normal: The baddest public speaker,
Sub-funk from the aether, to pump through your speaker
Play, play fans you chose the wrong pot to piss in
You work for us, man. Here’s your job description:
Love us more than anything in your life
We don’t play games, drop names, pull strings or bite
Ask nothing of us save that which is practically beneficent
To you and your quest for complete self sufficiency
Choose the quickest way between two points
Don’t waste your energy on bullshit interaction
Don’t be scared of anything except letting yourself down
Out-do yourself, work harder than anyone else… now
Make very clear distinctions between parasites and creators
Be a creator instead of a second-hand artificial flavour
Do not concern yourself with anyone’s opinion of your methods, save your own
Be three steps ahead of everyone, I promise you’ll make it home
Do not sleep too much,
Be firm yet supple, use me as a weapon, Max Normal flirts with trouble,
Put me on the front-line. I cannot be destroyed
You know the deal, anti-personnel spells get deployed
Make our music as available as possible,
the shit is d.i.y. So fuck with it if you feel you got the skill.
Do not try to be clever, rather direct and practical
Fuck fancy construct diagrammatical
The free-radical, lone hitman for hire
Power-hungry liars fan the fire
Treat people who do not understand what we do with the least amount of energy as possible
Live it, don’t give in, be original, even when you aren’t,
Make your mom proud
Take us all over the world, we like to travel
Steer clear of dead things you never know, you might unravel
Your hidden secrets, young descendants of Eve
Work the hardest at becoming entirely independent of me
Utilise me as you would a product, here comes the best bit:
Invent the future – then manifest it
Keep yourself in check, sir. Don’t forget it, decide exactly what it is that you want
Then go out and get it without requiring anything of anyone
Spark something new that’ll last forever
Don’t go to them, let them come to you
Do not underestimate your value, start representing
When my mom send me into this world she sent a blessing
This job description could be translated as: how to manage an explosion
Stay invisible till you invincible then set your plan in motion
This is war, we battle demons, become the perfect assassin
Do not endanger the unit by being anything less than perfect
Channels are open, do not be afraid of this but notice
Stepping through these channels is dangerous
Corporate giants can’t fuck with the link between our art and our clients
So come on, freak us out, be defiant and non-compliant
And above all things be honest, even if there’s no end in sight
And know that I will defend this shit with my life
Have fun but know that having indefinite fun requires meticulous maintenance
I’ve been ridiculously inconspicuous but now I’m sick of the painkillers
I’m here to bring the pain, let us avoid stagnation at all costs
Step lively, do what you say, kick information that’ll last
Know that I do not perform for people, I make music that I love
And it’s wonderful to watch people in love


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